TS 1X, New Super Hybrid Car from Honda

A few months ago in Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda has introduced its first flying car. Without waiting too long, Honda with its motto the Power of Dream, is making another revolution in its concept car design. One of the most popular vehicles at Honda’s booth at Tokyo Auto Salon is the TS-1X, a hybrid sports car. Hybrid cars have an undeserved reputation of under-performance but the TS-1X looks nothing like a slouch.


Based on the CR-Z, the TS-1X sports a matted black finish, fighter-jet style aero kit and yellow highlights throughout, including a set of yellow-colored Nissin blakes inside its oversized wheels. Super cool for hybrid car eh?


TS-1X gets a fighter-jet inspired aero kit that actually seems to work with the CR-Z’s futuristic styling. Optimized by controlling the flow of air around 50:50 that achieves an ideal balance of aerodynamics.

Via : watchonepiecepoint.com