Turbo vs Superchargers, Which one do you like?

In the automotive world a battle has been raging since the early 1900′s on which one was better, the turbo or the supercharger. Like all epic battles- light beer or full flavor, regular or decaf, brunette or blond- some people just have an opinion and nothing will ever change that. The truth is turbos are members of the supercharger family, but they are worlds apart in the way they operate to deliver the extra horsepower we’re all looking for.


Superchargers are distinct from turbos in they are mechanically driven units, whereas turbos get their boosting powers from exhaust gasses. The supercharger can be belt, gear, or chain driven like other automotive accessories including the alternator and the power steering. While this allows for instant power availability, nearly 1/3 of the engines efficiency is eaten up by the unit, leading to the supercharger being labeled parasitic. However, if efficiency is a secondary concern and response and power are paramount, then the supercharger rules.

A turbocharger, on the other hand, runs off of exhaust gasses produced by the car already, leading proponents to say that the turbo is actually more eco-friendly. In a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, the final stroke is exhaust. The hot gas that would normally travel down the tailpipe to mingle in the atmosphere is instead sent into a turbo where it spins a turbine which powers a compressor that will send pressurized air into the combustion chamber to achieve a more efficient burn.

This sounds like it should be the hands down favorite, but it takes a while for the heated exhaust gases to build enough momentum to start the effective spinning of the turbine, giving poor performance at lower RPM’s. This is normally referred to as turbo lag or boost lag. The supercharger does give the driver immediate access to power, but the engine load it creates makes it a more cumbersome unit, even though at higher revolutions it will usually out perform a turbo-

The best set up according to Gale Banks in an interview he did with Jay Leno is to use two smaller turbos each injecting air into its own cylinder bank. While you still have the same draw backs as a single turbo, the lag is less significant and the power delivered is greater. But, superchargers won’t be left to the wayside in the attempt to deliver maximum horses with minimal draw. The future of supercharging is in electrically driven units. Controlled Power Technologies has a developed an electrical supercharger that provides 40% more torque at lower speeds as well as making available 90% of the units torque in less than 1 second, while also lowering emissions.

Like all great debates through time, the battle between supercharging and turbocharging may never be settled. As innovation drives science forward to create better, more efficient ways to achieve maximum power, the pros and cons will continually shift. All that will remain constant is our love affair with the spooling of the turbo, the whine of the supercharger, and a need for speed.

Source : automoblog.net


Ferrari F40, Miniature Ferrari with real Machine

A mini replica of a Ferrari F40,It is eight times smaller than the real car, but it looks exactly like it. In the photographs you can see how it was made step by step.


It’s incredibly detailed, and whoever made it deserves kudos. The best part about the car is that it has a miniature key with the Ferrari sign on it. It has to be the smallest key ever made. Simply brilliant! I guess a lot of Ferrari owners want one of these, because you can never get enough. Or maybe you can’t afford a real one, so it’s better than having nothing, right?

Source : Sekedar-Tahu and Multichrome


Kanye West Expensive Mercedes Sports Car

Kanye West has just recently showed his expensive $1.7 million Mercedes sports car. This car is really very good-looking and it is being said that there are only a handful of this kind in market. The 33-year-old rapper got tired of attending the extravagant parties on multi-million dollar yachts, so he cut himself away from this life-style and decided to bring some change in life. This thinking got this Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss sport car. He is currently in Cannes, France where he is enjoying his time.


Kanye and his friend were invited at the annual amfAR dinner and auction held at the Hotel du Cap. Other celebrities who joined them in the party were Oscar winner Sean Penn, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and actress Kristen Dunst.


Later in the day, he joined forces with supermodel Noami Campbell at amfAR’s Cinema against AIDS Gala where he delivered speech. During the speeches, the guests said that the world needed to understand the patients AIDS and HIV as they needed the attention of other people. The President of Cannes Film Festival, Rbert De Niro, made a special appearance at the charity gala.


The hip hop star was earlier seen with a new friend Boris Becker in Cannes. It is also being said that Kanye West has also found a new girlfriend for him. Recently, some pictures of the new girlfriend were surfaced on internet.



Record For The Fast Ride with Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Thirty-seven-year-old driver of black Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, engine which has 6208 cubic inches, 571 horsepower and can develop speed up to 317 kilometers per hour (electronically limited), stopped by the police after 01:21PM on Friday, with speed of 290km/h! It is an absolute speed record, in the Europe, absolute speed record with this car brand in the World!


He was arrested. His vehicle and driver’s license was confiscated too! But later, when he was released from custody, he did get his things back, because the district court judge Marcus Julmini thought that as an appropriate security measure to sentencing and the guarantee for the payment of fines. Source


VW Mini Concept Car by Thomas Gnsicke

The project, the brainchild of engineer Thomas Gnsicke, is an engineering exercise and therefore has rather whimsical features. Most noticeable are the car’s canoe-like proportions: It’s 4 feet wide and 11 feet long. Occupants sit tandem, the passenger straddling the driver’s seat, both wedged under a 4-foot-long gullwing canopy.


Three video cameras eliminate the mileage-reducing wind drag of rear view mirrors. Wheels are faired in, side-cooling air inlets open only when necessary, and even the keylocks have been replaced by a proximity unlocking system. The resulting coefficient of drag is 0.159, compared with 0.30 or so for most production cars. (Source)