Covini Six Wheeled Supercar

That car had two sets of front wheels that were intended to increase air penetration and provide a smaller frontal area to reduce drag. Ferrucchio Covini says that a production car will be shown at the Racing Professional Motor Show in Bologna Italy.

Power for this rear-wheel-drive six-wheeled beast will be a 4.2-liter Audi mill channeling 433bhp (440PS) and 346 lb-ft (470Nm) through a six-speed manual gearbox. The C6W’s top speed is expected to be 185 MPH.


5 Facts About Lamborghini

Most of us agrees that Lamborghini is a great looking car and I am sure that many wealty people who love cars wouldn´t hesitate to have one in their collection. Cars like Lamborghini Diablo, the Gallardo and the Murcielago are like candy to my eyes. Here is a list of 5 facts you should know about Lamborghini…


Fact 1
Did you know that the fastest Lamborghini, with a reported top speed of 370 km/h, is the Le Mans version of the Murcielago R-GT model. The fastest street model from Lamborghini, with a reported top speed of 340 km/h, is the Murcielago LP640. Both of the models have a V12 engine with more than 6000 cc.

Fact 2
Did you know that Lamborghini used to be an independent company, but went bankrupt in 1978 and was sold to Chrysler. In 1998, the German company, Audi AG, became the owner of Lamborghini.

Fact 3
Did you know that most of the Lamborghini models are produced with a V12 engine, even though the newest model, Gallardo, have a V10 engine oil. No Lamborghini have ever been produced with less than a V8 engine.

Fact 4
Did you know that the first Lamborghini was produced in 1963 and called for the 350GTV. With a top speed of 280 km/h, the 350GTV was extremely fast back in 1963. The first Lamborghini to go faster than 300 km/h came out in 1974 and was called for the Countach.

Fact 5
Did you know that the Countach, the Diablo and the Murcielago all have scissor doors (that rotate up and forward on a hinge near the front of the door), but the Gallardo does not. Both the Diablo and the Countach are no longer being produced, so the only Lamborghini car with scissor doors today is the Murcielago.

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Audi TT extreme Tunning

The TT’s styling is regarded by many as a watershed moment in automobile design. From its introduction as a concept car in 1995, and as a production car in 1998, the design was regarded by many as bold, innovative, and revolutionary. While the car borrowed a few design elements from earlier vehicles, the overall design was considered by many to be truly unique.

Pictures of this extreme tunned Audi TT are showed below:

Audi TT 1

Despite its smooth-curved appeal, the design does not lead to revolutionary aerodynamics — the drag coefficient of the body is actually a relatively high 0.35 . But with its distinctive, rounded bodywork, bold use of bare anodized aluminum, and a lack of defined bumpers, the TT represented

Audi TT 2

The success and popularity of the TT’s iconic design gave many automotive designers (and manufacturers) greater latitude to experiment with bold, distinctive design. The TT’s influence can be seen in the design elements of many vehicles released after the TT.

Audi TT 3

Audi TT 4

The TT is often regarded as the vehicle that made people take a second look at Audi. No longer just a second-tier European maker, Audi emerged as a serious competitor for the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The then-new B5-platform A4 model was a substantial improvement on its Audi 80 predecessor; these two models firmly secured Audi’s position as a prestige marque.

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Auto Veloce Ferrari F430 with lambo car styling

Since the beginning of time, or at least since tuning cars was invented, people have found countless ways to push the envelope when it comes to modifying cars. The Japanese tuning firm at Auto Veloce have now given the Ferrari F430 some Lamborghini styling with a new body kit.


Typically it’s hard to mistake a Lambo from a Ferrari and vice versa, but this time you can call it either and still be correct. This new Ferrari look is called SVR from Auto Veloce, which stands for Super Veloce Racing, so we can expect to see more of this car at shows and racing events.


Take notice that this Ferrari F430 now holds the distinct front air dam of a Lamborghini, similar quarter panel intakes, and a rear wing suspiciously related to the Murcielago Super Veloce and the Gallardo Superleggera project.


We aren’t sure if this is the exact look that tuning company was aiming for, but the mending of the Ferrari-Lambo car styling seemed to work out to their advantage. In the end, they combined two super cars know for their unique Italian style, and made a masterpiece that all car enthusiasts can enjoy.

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Suzuki Kizashi EcoCharge Hybrid Concept

Suzuki Kizashi EcoCharge is a greener version of the popular Kizashi mid-size sedan, the EcoCharge gasoline-electric hybrid concept. Possibly previewing a future production Kizashi hybrid, for now Suzuki is also stating that its EcoCharge concept will be used to study the virtues of green technology in its Kizashi platform.


In developing the concept, the key goal of Suzuki’s engineers was to build a sedan with substantially improved mileage but without any detriment in performance. The proof of their efforts is that the Kizashi EcoCharge has the capability to deliver a claimed 25 percent fuel economy while still retaining the production Kizashi’s dynamic handling and braking abilities.


The key is the EcoCharge’s gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain, which consists of a 144 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine matched to a 15 kW (20 horsepower) electric motor running on lithium-ion batteries. The lightweight motor is too small to power the car exclusively; instead it acts as a booster to aid the vehicle during high load situations.


To help maximize efficiency, the Kizashi EcoCharge concept also features numerous fuel-saving technologies, including regenerative braking, automatic engine shut-off when the car comes to a stop, fuel cut-off during deceleration and low-rolling resistance tires.


Drive is sent to the front wheels via six-speed automatic transmission.

Ensuring the EcoCharge concept stands out is a white satin paint job with a subtle blue undercoat. To further set the concept apart from its production Kizashi sibling, it has also been given a specialized headlight treatment, as well as LED fog-lights.

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Bugatti Veyron Diamond, Most Expensive Car

This is the world’s most expensive model car. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd is on sale for two million pounds – twice as much as the real thing. Liverpool-based designer Stuart Hughes took two months to create the intricate 1:18 scale model in partnership with Swiss luxury model car maker Robert Gulpen.


Weighing in at 7kg, it has been created with platinum, solid 24ct gold, and a 7.2ct single cut flawless diamond on its front grill. The 10 inch car also boats functional steering and a highly detailed engine. In a limited edition of three, owners also get a certification of authenticity, an aluminium case and photo documentation of the manufacturing process.

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Bombardier's Embrio Advanced Concept

Bombardier's Embrio Advanced Concept is a one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle touted to offer a whole new experience on the road. The hydrogen fuel cell powered prototype features include infrared night vision, active suspension, sensors, and gyroscopes that can balance one or more passengers. To move the Embrio, you use an accelerator trigger on the left handlebar and a brake trigger on the right.


The Embrio was designed by Bombardier internal designers as a guess at what transportation in the year 2025 might look like. The vehicle is made of lightweight materials, like aluminum, magnesium and nylon. It weighs 360 pounds. The Quebec-based company also builds Rotax karts, Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Bombardier ATVs, Sea-Doo sport boats and Johnson and Evinrude outboard engines. Some observers have speculated the Embrio could be a Segway killer, but the makers of Segway aren't so sure. For now the Embrio is just a concept, so you can put your credit card away.

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New concept cars at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

Half a dozen new concept cars made their respective debuts at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. With a sporty style, the cars were ready to pull the heart of every car lovers around the world.



Lexus LF-Gh hybrid concept

The Lexus LF-Gh hybrid concept will make its global debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. The concept, which sets out to redefine the premium grand touring sedan, will be featured on at the Lexus stand until May 1. "For this concept, Lexus designers studied characteristics that are often considered contradictory and difficult to execute together," said Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division.


"The captivating design of the LF-Gh concept examines the possibility of balancing what are normally opposing qualities, such as style and functionality."

Working with a clean sheet of paper, Lexus Design Division designers aimed to perfectly blend style, performance, efficiency, and environmental compatibility in a premium, grand touring sedan whilst trying to leverage advanced, new technologies. The team explored how a future grand touring sedan would look standing still and on the road, and what design approaches might work to convey an extraordinary combination of attributes.


They came up with a design that unites hard and soft; and energetic and soothing elements. Through this exercise, the definition of L-Finesse, the marque's design philosophy since 2001, has been refined and evolved to include a bolder, more distinct projection of what a premium car could become. The result is the LF-Gh concept, which conveys original thoughts and ideas that may migrate to future Lexus vehicles.


In The Grand Touring Tradition With the LF-Gh, Lexus takes the idea of the grand touring sedan one step further. The LF-Gh was designed to be high-performance concept capable of providing a moving driving experience, and comfortably transporting multiple occupants at higher speeds on long-distance drives. It combines a strong sense of presence and emotional appeal with functional attributes, supplying enhanced creature comforts plus the practical ability to transport personal supplies and luggage necessary for extended travel.

Even whilst maintaining serene passenger comfort, it is a car designed to inspire and captivate the driver as time behind the wheel accumulates. The bold, wide stance is consistent with the goal of inspiring dynamic excellence on the road. Fundamentally, these are the proportions of an agile, responsive sedan built on an advanced rear-wheel-drive platform.


The distinctive long greenhouse design does not compromise the potential for functional passenger benefits, such as generous interior room for all four passengers, ample cargo area, and excellent forward visibility. LED lighting hints at the range and scope of new materials, electronics and dynamic systems that endow this concept vehicle with state-of-the-art performance, driving control, and safety features. Overall, the LF-Gh concept's styling embodies the definition of what an authentic grand touring sedan from Lexus could be.

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Chevy Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition

Chevy’s classic muscle car gets a special birthday edition, with bold black body and red stripe details, beefy 20-inch wheels, and a boost from 312 to 323hp for its V6. No word on a V8 edition though.


Mercedes Motorhome,The luxurious living room

The motorhome is built on a Mercedes-Benz truck chassis and features a luxurious living room, a dining area with a small kitchen, and a master bedroom with a bathroom that includes a shower and a toilet. The master bedroom comes with a king-size bed and a skylight.


The living room area can seat up to five people and the front of the truck can seat four people on seats that rotate for easy conversations. A special highlight of the Continental motorhome is a lateral Ketterer ‘Pop Out’ that can be moved above the ground to seven meters, thereby extending the living area into a new dimension by almost one meter. Even before its release, the Continental won the “Innovations for new mobility” award from the jury of Caravaning Design Award 2010/2011



World’s Longest Articulated Bus in Brazil

The world’s longest articulated bus Curitiba City Hall, made in Brazil by Volvo with a Neobus chassis, has a capacity of 250 passengers, is 28 meters (92 ft) long, 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) wide, and powered with biodiesel made from soybeans.



Nissan GT-R Chrome Style

Here we have an extreme tuning enthusiast who took his Nissan GT-R and wrapped it matte white at first, then decided to wrap it in chrome! It’s a little ridiculous in my opinion and definitely flashy, but the matte white looks good with the black wheels. It’s amazing what some people will pay to customize their car, the matte white car wrap alone costs $2,640. The chrome was even more expensive and took almost two weeks to complete the Nissan GT-R. The guy who wrapped his in chrome has a friend who also wrapped his GT-R in the common matte black which always looks good.


Both of the Nissan’s had their wheels painted, the matte black GT-R had the calipers painted white and the license plate positioned on the right side of the front bumper. The chrome Nissan GT-R has a few performance parts installed, including a Milltek Y Pipe, HKS catback exhaust, and HKS dump pipes. Matte black for the win here, but it will be interesting to see what’s next on the market of car wraps. Source


High Tech Office with iCar Mercedes S600 Apple

This car is a high-tech office on wheels. Mercedes S600 Apple comes with A WiFi network that connects iPad 2 to the internet via a Mini Mac, which a serves as the central computer, a choice of one or two Apple iPad 2 units (adds video conferencing), high-speed USB ports integrated into the rear compartment, an Apple 15.2-inch TFT display with 16:9 aspect ratio, a 64GB Apple iPod touch that can store more than 14,000 songs, wo standard screens in the back of the front seats.This car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) of 3.9 seconds and of just 10.3 seconds to 200 km/h (124 mph). Top speed is the electronically limited on 350 km/h (219 mph). This Mercedes is powered by a BRABUS SV12 R Biturbo 750 12-cylinder engine with a rated power output of 750 hp / 552 kW and a peak torque of 1,350 Nm (995 lb-ft).


Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept Car

Mercedes Biome a strange concept car that is designed to be grown from seeds. The designers envision that lab-grown car being made from a non-existent material named BioFibre, a material that is lighter than plastic and stronger than steel.

If used in a car, the car would weigh around 875.5 pounds and would also be entirely biodegradable.

Since BioFibre can be grown in a lab, Mercedes has been toying with the idea of growing its very own car based on the idea of symbiosis. Symbiosis in nature represents seamless efficiency between key players.

The idea is that the vehicle would collect energy from the sun and store it within the bonds of a fuel alternative, the only by-product of which is oxygen, appropriately nicknamed BioNectar4534.

The car would work with nature, and Mercedes has already developed technology to retrofit trees with receptors, which would allow us to harvest their excess solar energy into BN4534.

This initiative is suppose to be incentive to plant more trees and collect more energy to create a self sustaining example of symbiosis.

Apply those concepts to a car and the BIOME would not hurt the environment or be wasteful in any way, kind of like a “partnership with nature.”

“The interior of the BIOME grows from the DNA in the Mercedes star on the front of the vehicle, while the exterior grows from the star on the rear,” Mercedes-Benz explained.

But with the strong movement towards greener technology, perhaps the BIOME does stand a chance in the competitive automotive industry.