Ferrari 458 Spider

In fact there is little time to wait, the upcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show is almost upon us (September 15), but if you devouring curiosity stomachs here to pick up a hot surprise Agostini. It is, or rather, it would be the very first pictures of what we will know in less than 30 days as a Ferrari 458 Spider.


A "scoop"? Maybe, at least according to the Forum, which has released three photos that we also report (Cheersandgears.com). Result? This! It does not seem bad at all. The fanatics of the "super" findings can then breathe a sigh of relief!


Under the bodywork of the car from Maranello will find the famous 570 hp V8 engine already used on the indoor version. The only detail that these real (or presumed) pictures do not reveal is the type of roof will be installed on the new Italian sports: it will be metal or canvas? Of course, just wait to find photos that will soon be disseminated around the opening of the "festival" in Germany.