Converting Ferrari 360 into A Limousine

If you thought hiring a limousine to celebrate that special occasion was a little 1990s, here's one motorist who has stretched the concept that little bit further. This exclusive Ferrari 360 Coupe has been converted into a luxury limousine after six months of reconstruction.


Costing from around £120,000 new, the owner of the vehicle spent £200,000 converting his pride and joy using genuine Ferrari parts. Extra reinforcing had to be used to sustain the weight of the vehicle and the power of the car's 400 BHP engine.


But the Ferrari, based in London, can't quite match up to its original speed due to the extra weight it is now carrying. Source


Annalee Sweger mengatakan...

Whoa, cool upgrade! You converted your sports car into a limo! The only downgrade here is the reduced speed, due to the weight added to the car. But for limos, speed isn't important. It's better to parade your limo slowly. That's what pride is all about! :)